Board of Directors Personnel Update

Dear CCU Family and Friends,

Please see the below update and announcement from our current Board of Directors.

—Rev. Maggie

The Board of Trustees has had a change of officers to bring to your attention. Sunni VonMutius, the current President, has decided to step down and remain on the board as a member at large. Sunni has received some amazing opportunities that she is pursuing and feels it is best if she relinquishes the post of President, but stays on as a board valued team member. Sunni, we thank you for your continued service to the church and the board and appreciate all you have done as a leader for this community during such an interesting and challenging time.

Kay Taylor, the current Vice President, will step in as the new President for the remainder of the term. Phil Palumbo will step into the VP position. Both Kay and Phil are serving in their second year on the board and look forward to continuing to serve the community in this capacity. These changes are effective immediately.

The entire Board of Trustees thanks you for your dedication to CCU Orlando, and is excited about the future!

In gratitude,

CCU Board of Trustees


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