COVID Campus Update

Dear CCU Family and Friends,

It’s been a few months since we rolled back some of our campus offerings due to the startling rise in Covid-19 cases during August and part of September. Our Re-opening Committee has remained watchful of the latest cases and projections from the CDC and W.H.O. to base their recommendations for the safety of our community. It is prudent that we proceed slowly and with great consideration for one another and our varying levels of comfort being in the world and interacting with others. Accordingly, we will remain masked indoors, during services, classes, while visiting the bookstore and while inside Hightower Hall. We are also keeping a 6 foot socially distanced section in the sanctuary.

I am pleased the give you the following updates effective this week:

  1. When outside, masks will be optional if you are fully vaccinated, including the booster.

  2. Contact stickers are back! Choose your color to communicate your comfort level with hugs, fist bumps or keeping your physical distance.

  3. Singers on the platform may increase up to 4 total singers on various Sundays.

Hospitality indoors will continue to be suspended until it is deemed safe for us to gather unmasked.

I want to thank you all for your patience, tolerance, resilience and cooperation during this uncertain time. It is my greatest prayer that we continue to move in a positive, open direction, that we will be safe to gather and celebrate the Divine without worry and fear looming in the corners of our minds. I pray we find the stability we are so seeking and lean on one another while we continue to find our footing. I affirm we are well, whole, and complete exactly as we are individually and as a community and I pray knowing that I will see (and meet) some of you soon, in person, on campus.

God bless you; you are indeed loved.

One in Spirit,

Rev. Maggie

Senior Minister
CCU Orlando

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