Honoring Dorothy Moore

One of the most precious gifts in life is to work along side a beautiful, compassionate, and loving Soul who demonstrates selfless service with her every act. This has been the gift Dorothy Moore has bestowed upon the staff and membership of CCU Orlando for the last eleven and a half years.

Dorothy has quietly and consistently showered all of us with her love and healing energy as we faced joys and challenges in our lives. She has prayed with and for countless souls as she championed our Prayer Chaplain Team, led our congregational care office, and lovingly listened to anyone needing a compassionate ear and shoulder to lean on.

For over seven decades, Dorothy has worked diligently to provide for her family and serve others. She has joyously decided to retire (for the 3rd time in her life!) and spend more time with her daughters, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Dorothy is looking forward to an increased availability to travel, relax, and live a more stress-free lifestyle. We celebrate Dorothy in this decision!

Dorothy’s departure from the staff of CCU also stings of loss, yet we bless her in this new era of her life and lovingly support her. She will be missed in the office and as leader of our Prayer Chaplain Team; she is simply irreplaceable.

Please join the Board of Trustees and Staff as we bless Dorothy as she moves forward. We will be honoring her this Sunday, June 28th, during service. I encourage you to attend and thank her in person for her years of devotion to CCU and wish her well as she moves forward in Spirit!

You are loved and you are blessed,

Rev. Don

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