Music Director Search

Hopefully, you are enjoying the variety of music and singers recently performing on Sunday mornings. Being without a permanent Music Director has allowed CCU to experiment with different types of music leadership and performances to enrich and enliven our worship services. Your feedback on the music which inspires and supports your spiritual journey is always welcome. Marc Osborne has been doing a wonderful job leading our musicians; Steve Luciano, Mark Young, and Barry Smith. Marc is working with our interim Music Director, Earl Vennum who is selecting our songs and supporting our singers with weekly rehearsals. Earl brings fresh ideas and enthusiasm to our music ministry, and we are grateful for his influx of positive energy.

CCU Orlando is actively working through the process of hiring our next right and perfect, permanent Music Director. We reached out into the local music community looking for candidates. Unity Worldwide Ministries has posted our open position on their website and will include us in their online publications. We have reviewed resume’s, begun calling references, and have interviewed candidates who are eager to bring us even bigger and better worship services. We are excited by everyone who has come to us during this process.

Our goal remains to make a final decision by the end of February. Spirit has been actively involved in this process and we affirm a perfect outcome.

As we continue the search, we invite you to hold this affirmation with us:

God bring us the right and perfect Music Director and He is doing it right now!

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