Ornament & Decorations Drive

We love Christmas at UCFL and we love to decorate our campus to show our holiday spirit. Over the years our Christmas trees and ornaments have taken a beating. Its time for a refresh, a modern tree (with lights that work) and we want our current family to show its love and personality through our new decorations. Please consider bring a new ornament, a new set of Christmas balls, interior and exterior decorations. As we are an inclusive community we have found a way to have our virtual community participate. If you’re not local or unable to attend in person and want to have your ornament included with our family please choose an ornament, and feel free to personalize it, and send it to us at Unity of Central Florida, P. O. Box 592967, Orlando, FL 32859. Check out this Amazon list for inspiration. And if you want to order some holiday decor to help deck our halls, check out our Amazon holiday wish list to help us make this the merriest and brightest Advent season to date. Thank you in advance for your imagination and contribution that will make UCFL glow with holiday spirit!



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