Ready To Release

UCFL is ready to release and we need your help! We are releasing HOT air and flushing things no longer serving our highest good! If you’ve been on campus over the last 18 months you may have noticed our toilets are having a hard time keeping up with the (ah-hem) volume we are requiring of them. And, if you’ve been in Hightower Hall the last couple of weeks you may have noticed it’s a little steamier than usual.

Its time for an upgrade and we need your support! We are raising $10,000 to replace the inside and outside A/C unit the croaked in Hightower Hall and NINE current toilets with water efficient, commercial grade flushing capability!

To donate please go to, use the Church Center App or scan one of the QR codes around campus. Then, select “FUND DRIVE” from the drop down menu and enter your donation amount.

We are indeed a prosperous community and we affirm we are comfortably cool and ready to (fully) release right now! Amen.


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