Check-In Time!

Dear CCU Family and Friends,

About this time of year, I intentionally do a personal check-in around my “White Stone” word offered by Spirit at the beginning of the new year. It is a good time to notice all that has shown up around this theme so far and gauge what I have learned and how I have grown.

With just six months left in the year, if I haven’t done much with my word then I still have a good stretch of time to get busy! My word for this year is “Trust,” which I attributed to all the trust in God I would need to move my life to Orlando and become the Spiritual Leader of CCU.

However, I have come to realize trusting Source is the easy part. Trusting myself to navigate unknown waters and find my way back to center with ease, confidence, and grace is where my work lays.

We are just past the mid-point of the year now, and I am inviting you to take a deep breath and check-in with yourself:

  • How are you working with your word and the learning guidance it offers you?

  • Maybe you didn’t get a white stone word and you’re noticing a theme or pattern showing up in your life?

  • Are you willing to quietly observe all that is being offered to you through a word, or a theme, playing out right now?

  • Affirming all things in action are for our highest good we come back home, to center, to Truth, and strengthen our ability to Trust our center is always in God and the guidance we need is readily available.

We are all a masterpiece in progress of creation through the energy that is God. A simple check-in may be all that is needed to recognize how well we are using our spiritual tools and the level of effort we are investing in our participation as co-creators with God.


“I am a masterpiece perfectly awakening to my highest good, now!”

In love and gratitude,

Rev. Maggie
Senior Minister
CCU Orlando

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