Communication is the Key to Connection

Dear CCU Family,

The CCU Board of Directors, Ministerial Leadership, and Staff are committed to staying connected to our membership. We made another step toward that goal with out Town Hall meeting on Sunday, July 11. I hope you were able to attend.

The Board members presented updates on current happenings, projects in process, our financial status, and most importantly asked for comments and updates. Each of you are CCU Orlando, and we want to hear from you on a regular basis.

  • What is spiritually feeding you?

  • What do you need from us?

  • What topics interest you?

  • How do you want to be involved in your spiritual home?

  • How do you want CCU to be involved in the local community?

We know you are incredibly gifted individuals, and your insights are needed!

One new and important update I was privileged to present was our investigation of the Unity Worldwide Ministries branding program. The “Leveling Up” survey responses identified a wide desire to clarify and present our ministry more consistently.

We currently refer to ourselves using a variety of legal and vernacular names: Christ Church Unity, CCU, CCU Orlando, etc. The Unity Worldwide Ministries branding program would solve this problem for us and more effectively identify us as a Unity ministry to the world.

We are proposing “Unity of Central Florida” as our new name under the branding program.  You can see my full presentation during the Town Hall meeting supporting this decision by watching the following YouTube clip.

If you weren’t present for the Town Hall, I invite you to check out the entire video. Send us your comments on the new name and branding for our ministry, along with all the other wonderful information presented. Spend some time in prayer. Allow you divine juices to flow and share your inspirations, dreams, needs, AND suggestions! Two-way communication is key for us to build and maintain connection!

You are loved and you are blessed,

Rev. Don

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