Did You Miss Wednesday’s Class?

Did you know that the Bible is meant to make sense for us today, right now, in the 21st Century?

We’re kicking off a brand new series of Sunday Celebrations and Wednesday Classes to help us find the original intent and metaphysical meaning in Biblical text…and it might not be what you think!

Lots of things get LOST IN TRANSLATION.


August 11 & 18: Rev. Faith Cotter presents “Metaphysical Bible Interpretation,” a dive into the metaphors and symbolism found throughout the scriptures. (Online Only)

August 25: Music Director Shannon Kropf leads “Words of Worship,” revealing the original, exciting mind-body-spirit connection of simple words like “praise,” “worship,” and “gratitude.” We’ll have a time of worship following, so you’ll be able to put your knowledge into practice! (In Person & Online)

September 1: Rev. Maggie Alderman presents a “Lost in Translation” Bible interpretation workshop, where she will explore how Bible text can be translated with cultural bias, and dispel the myths behind some of the most common misunderstandings of scripture. (In Person & Online)

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