Divine Light

“I shine my Divine Light shine in all the ways I speak and act today.”

Dear CCU Family,

Aligning our prayer consciousness with the thoughts and actions that occur during our days takes spiritual stamina and can prove difficult at times.

When I find myself low on the energy that it takes for me to stay centered, I know it is time to get back to my most foundational practice: affirmative prayer.

When we take a few minutes at the beginning of the day, we have the potential to ground ourselves in Truth and listen for the “still, small voice” that is ever present within us. This time develops strength and limits the ways in which we may be giving away our inner peace. This time in prayer has the potential to bring into clear focus that which is to be done by us each day without distraction.

“Aligned in Peace and Truth I shine my Divine light in all the ways that I speak and act today.”

My prayer for each of you this week is to experience deep inner peace and to be in action with clarity and understanding of purpose. It is a great comfort to me to know that we are each on an individual journey, and yet we journey together.

We hold each other up, we shine our light for others when theirs falls dim, and we allow ourselves to be restored to perfect peace, knowing that we are all One and all is well.

May you claim this Truth and put it into action through all that you say and all that you do today, and in the weeks to come. And, so it is.

One in Spirit,

Rev. Maggie Alderman

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