Financial Update: A Chance to Remember

Dear CCU Family and Friends,

We live in affirmative Truth knowing God is our source, we are prosperous, and we are abundantly blessed in this ministry and in our lives.  In continued response to our community’s desire for greater transparency, our Board Treasurer Michael Angelos provided a financial update on Sunday.

I am including a copy of his report below. As you will read in the statement, we are doing better than our approved 2021 budget projected.  However, this budget was created anticipating a loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact. As a result, we have a financial gap requiring our continued attention and support to preserve our savings and not leave us financially vulnerable.

On Sunday we also presented a video to remind us who we were, who we are, how far we have come, and why we continue to show up and pour ourselves into CCU Orlando. Please click on the link below to watch this inspiring video.  Even if you attended service on Sunday, August 15th, please take a moment rewatch the video. Then, I invite you to read (re-read) Michael’s statement made on behalf of the Board of Trustees and prayerfully consider how financially supporting CCU Orlando deepens your personal spiritual practice.

We are stronger together.

 One in Spirit,

 Rev. Maggie

Senior Minister | CCU Orlando

From Michael Angelos, Treasurer
CCU Orlando Board of Trustees

As Treasurer of the Board of Trustees, I would like to inform and update you on the financial status of our church home. If you were present at the Annual Meeting in February, you may remember we approved a deficit budget for this year due to the reduced attendance and tithing resulting from the pandemic shutdowns. We approved the deficit budget affirming prosperity and abundance for CCU as we recover from the effects of Covid-19. We affirm God is our source, and we operate as good stewards of the gifts and tithes we have received. Through July 31st we have been blessed to receive approximately $275,000 in income, AND, this does not cover our current operating expenses.

Operating in a deficit is not sustainable over the long term. While we have been able to curtail spending wherever possible and accessed alternative sources of income such as Unity Worldwide Ministries Loaves and Fishes Grants and Help Unity Grow Grants, we still need to work towards operating in a positive cash flow. To date we have been able to reduce our projected loss for the year by over $5,700. The administration and staff have done a wonderful job running the ministry as efficiently as possible.

To break even with our current operating expenses, we need a 20% increase in income without any additional increases in costs. This is our honest and transparent disclosure of our church finances. I am not reporting this to you in fear, I am explaining this to you, our truth.

Going forward we have funds to cover our losses through the end of the year provided we can at least operate as we are currently doing thanks to the Payroll Protection Program and our prior savings. But we also can’t wait until our savings are exhausted to work towards a solution. We need a 20% increase in income.

How can we achieve this increase?

We invite you to prayerfully consider how your individual and personal tithing practices and determine how an increase in giving supports you spiritually.

Consider using the Recurring Gift option on our website and mobile app when you make your tithes. This uncomplicates your giving and provides the ministry with a level stream of income.

Ask yourself – WHO IN MY LIFE NEEDS THE CCU EXPERIENCE IN THEIRS?  Then, leverage the instant means of connection via social media.  Make sure you’re subscribed to our Facebook and YouTube so you don’t miss an opportunity to be in community with us.  AND SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!  Help us get the word out and actively invite people to come to a Sunday Celebration service with you, or invite them to classes, special events, workshops and fundraisers.

We continue to seek alternative sources of revenue inside and outside of our community, such as community events, weddings, other special services, community partnerships and rental of our facilities.  If you have an idea or a passion for fundraising please come and talk to me, after the service or any time!

Join me, the board of trustees, Rev. Maggie and Rev. Don as we know and affirm, with God as our source, we are prosperous in all matters of our lives, and we are wide open to receiving all the abundance the Universe has to offer.  And so, it is.   Thank you!

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