Holding Steady

Greetings CCU Family and Friends!

The CCU Phased Reopening Task Team met as scheduled last week to review our next steps to being fully re-opened. The team’s sole purpose is to make informed decisions based on current CDC recommendations, national and local government guidance, and observing COVID trends. A few days ago, the state of Florida reported 61% of the nation’s total new cases and cases have risen still since then.

While many of our regular activities have resumed and we had hoped to be mask optional by early August, the Task Team determined it is not considered a wise move at this point.

I know we all love each other and consider ourselves one big family, and we are! Family takes care of each other, and that is exactly what we are going to continue to do by maintaining our masking policy and keeping each other safer while in services together.

As of now, and for the foreseeable future, we will be keeping our campus mask mandate in place. We intend to keep our current progress in place, and affirm that we will not have to roll back any of our current offerings and activities.

This is just one of those things, it’s not fun, we are tired of it, and we are ready to move on and get back to full lives in the way we want to experience life. AND, we are being asked to walk through this still…again.

I have to wonder what the lesson is on the grand, collective scale. Could be as simple as “Love one another as I have loved you?” Love one another, and consider our neighbors? Love one another and continue with this modification so we can practice more loving of ourselves first so we can carry that consideration and compassion out into the world?

I don’t know, but I know more will be revealed and I know we will get there together. At some point we will look back on this journey as “A time when…” and only then will we have begun to understand the reason for all of this.

Until then we will continue to love one another, we will keep our faith, we will keep our heads, and we will keep our masks.

Love and blessings to each of you.


Rev. Maggie
Senior Minister
CCU Orlando

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