Holy Week

Dear CCU Family,

I once heard grief described as “unexpressed love.” I don’t remember where, and I don’t know if there is formal credit to give to this simple and profound definition. What I do know is that life is filled with change and transitions that stir up feelings of unexpressed love as we move through the process of fulfilling our souls’ purpose.

As we find ourselves in Holy Week and align with the energy of inner-reflection, I imagine that there is some grief coming up for all of us. On Palm Sunday, we talked about the rub between our human-self and our divine-self, and how Jesus wept upon his approach to Jerusalem as expression of this conflict. Even the Christ hurt for what he was being called to do, being called to release, being called to experience as a part of his emergence into a higher expression of the Divine.

I believe this is one of the greatest demonstrations he left us—a legacy of endurance, inner strength, grace, and how to trust God to fully and completely to lead the way for the highest good of all humanity.

Before his arrest, Jesus brought his disciples together to break bread one last time as a family. My heart aches when I allow my imagination to take me to that room on that day and hear his last words spoken to those he loved most in the world.

Letting go and leaving unexpressed love on the table produces a grief that we carry together at a cellular level, and can serve as a means of deep compassion, empathy and healing. Supporting each other in carrying out our purpose is essential; the soul knows what it needs to heal itself, and the love of other souls is a key ingredient.

So, I offer this comfort to each of you this Holy Week:

I see you.
I know you.
I feel you.
You are brave and strong and wise.
You are loved, and you are not alone in your journey.
I honor you and I am with you.

Keep going.

One in Spirit,

Rev. Maggie

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