Honoring Black History and the Season of Non-Violence

CCU is proud to be a spiritual community that is open and welcoming to all. We pride ourselves in being a safe place of belonging no matter race, age, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, ability, religion, or socio-economic status. This month we are honoring Black History and the Season of Non-Violence with an invitation to expand the ways in which we are willing to connect our divinity with our humanity. Through the themes of this months’ Sunday lessons we will all be invited to dig deeper into the power of Connection, Love, Acceptance, and how we contribute to the healing of the world when we are willing to evolve.

You won’t want to miss any of what we have in store for you this month!

Here are a few things to mark your calendar and set a reminder – don’t miss out!

  • Multiple classes starting this week!

  • Wear your team jersey and Bring a Friend to church on Feb. 13th

  • We welcome NEW MEMBERS on February 20th AND

  • A fun opportunity to strike a pose and tell the world why you love CCU on Feb 20th.

  • Plus…..GOSPEL Sunday, February 27th!!

That’s not all! Stay connected and frequently check the calendar on our website, www.ccuorlando.net

“We look forward to seeing you on campus, on-line, in Sunday Celebration Service, and in class!”

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