It’s Time to Pray!

Have you ever put off something on a “Honey Do” list only find out when you eventually get it done, it was much easier than you had anticipated? Probably you put more energy into anticipating how hard it was going to be than you needed to complete the task. And then you look at the wonderful results and wonder “Why didn’t I do this a long time ago?” Or “I could have been enjoying the results all this time!”

Been there, done that!

The same rear view mirror realizations often apply to our spiritual practices. We think we are too busy or something else is more deserving of our time. We turn to serious prayer and meditation only when we are in need or when someone in our life is hurt or in a health crisis. When the issue passes, we see how prayer was crucial to the resolution and find amazement in the power of positive prayer.

But why wait for an emergency to activate the flow of positive energy in our lives or in our world? Why not add positive results on top of what is already going well in your life? You could be “enjoying the results” of prayer “all this time!” Pray and meditate on the good in your life now and see it grow in your experiences. Pray for others and allow them to also enjoy the results of your prayers!

Today is the day to get busy praying! This week we observe Unity World Day of Prayer on Thursday, Sept 9th from 8 am to 8pm. Take this opportunity to jump start your prayer practice and see just how little energy it takes on your part to bring greater peace, love, and abundance into your life and into the lives of those you hold in prayer.

Join us in the Peace Chapel as we pray for ourselves and others throughout the day or participate in our closing service at 7pm in the Sanctuary. One day soon you will say, “I’ve been reaping the benefits all this time!”

You are loved and you are blessed,

Rev. Don
Associate Minister | CCU Orlando

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