Let’s Go Get Her! Women’s Day Retreat

Have you lost your way and feel like you are just going through the motions? Do you even know who you are anymore or have you lost touch with your own identity and needs? We were all once an impressionable little child who had to adapt to their surroundings and find a way to fit in. Perhaps this resonates with you. Take the first step on a journey with us to rediscover and connect in healing love by creating a healthy, nurturing relationship with that part of yourself termed by some as The Inner Child. You will start learn to be with and attend to the scared and vulnerable part of yourself and at the same time, grow the loving, compassionate part of yourself while connecting with other women.

We will begin the workshop with a recorded meditation by Dr. Kim McCauley (UCFL member). This is a meditation based on the work of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and a technique called Hooponopono. It is an Ancient Hawaiian practice that clears a path toward healing ourselves and whatever is around us.

Next, Tammy Cissell (UCFL member) will lead us in an energy exchange exercise. We will learn to be the receiver of unconditional love for our little girl.

You will then create a personal Native American style medicine bag where you will place your little girl, along with other treasures, to hold close to your heart. Each bag will be blessed. Once complete, you will be treated to a sound healing session to include the Native American flute by Lynda Glinski (UCFL member).

We will close out the day with a sacred circle of gratitude, expression, and chanting.

*Please note we are not mental health therapists and do not claim to be. Instead, we are light workers whose only desire is to support, love and lift up all of our sisters in this life.

Workshop Facilitator – Lynda Glinski

What to Bring: Yoga mat, pillow, blanket, eye cover. You may also wish to bring snacks or beverages you may need.

This event is an open and safe space for anyone who identifies as female.



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