One-Year: An Update — God Always Has It In Hand

Greetings CCU Community, Friends, and Family,

If you can believe, we have been together just over a year!  Time flies when you’re having fun and all that, but boy oh boy, we have had a few curve balls to deal with, haven’t we? Coming through a pandemic, building new community connections, and keeping the lights on have been some of our biggest challenges.  Managing a community on a sparse budget and lean crew is a close second.

It is all in Divine Order, and God has always had it in hand. We are just now starting to be able to see the fruits of our prayer work, dedicated vision, and commitment to a community we all love!  This newsletter is chalk-full of what we have going on and what’s coming up as evidence of a vibrant community that is alive, well, and ready for what’s next for CCU!

While updates have been made in our Sunday services, I realize some of you may have missed the latest announcements about our masking status and our staff updates or could use a little recap.  First things first, your safety and masks!  Due to the decline in Covid cases and the latest information released by federal and local government offices, our Covid Response team, led my Board President Nora Miles, has recommended we go mask optional beginning this Sunday, March 13th in service and on campus!  We honor all members of our community and realize some of us may not be ready to be maskless just yet.  Accordingly, we will hold the socially distanced section (far right as you enter the sanctuary) as a mask mandatory section for the foreseeable future.  This means those that wish to remain masked will have a safe place to sit with community members that are also exercising personal caution.

The face of our staff has also changed in the last two weeks as have some of the roles within the staff.

Please join me in welcoming:

  • Marc Osborn as our new Music Director

  • Walter Allen as our new Creative Director

  • Earl Vennum as our new Production Director

Rev. Don Barton has resigned as Associate Minister to create space for his service to Unity Worldwide Ministries on the Board of Trustees and as faculty to Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute.  We are excited to see him supporting the greater Unity movement, and we look forward to supporting Rev. Don as he explores all that ministry has in store for him.  You will continue to see Rev. Don on campus and in service as Executive Director.

Due to the growing activity on campus, we came into the need for a staff member to oversee and coordinate the details of booking events, classes and guest activity!  And, as Spirit would have it, we have the perfect person for the job and to serve as an Operations Manager!  Thank you, Kara, for stepping up to support the growing needs of our vibrant community!  Kara will continue to support Shifting Souls as part of her new role.

But wait…..there’s more!

Sunni VonMutius is serving as a “Staff Volunteer” helping to lay the groundwork for a bright and well-functioning future.  Her many years as a professional Project Manager make for a perfect skill-set that is able to look across our teams, our processes and our dreams to ensure we have an infrastructure that is strong, reliable and sustainable in every stage of our growth as a community.  Thank you, Sunni, for your willingness to serve as Program Architect.

Finally, we have one more “Staff Volunteer” position, one that you’re all going to want to know as she will have the 4-1-1 on what’s going on and how to get connected in service to our community!  I am so pleased to announce Maureen Chance as our Volunteer Coordinator! If you want to serve and don’t know how or where, she’s your resource!

Our 2022 affirmation for CCU was revealed at our annual meeting.

We confidently embrace
the activity of Life,
affirming God as our Source
and Love as our guide.

We are indeed alive, alert, affirming, and abundant!  God Is our source, and Love is our guide.

One in Spirit,
Rev. Maggie Alderman
Sr. Minister, CCU Orlando

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