Our App Is Changing!

CCU is taking a bold step forward to streamline our online processes and programs. We need your loving assistance! Our old expensive mobile app is being replaced by a free app which links to all the other programs we currently use to operate CCU. Our current app is no longer available as of the end of March. Our new app can be found in your app store by searching for “Church Center” or by clicking on one of the logos below. Download the app, open it, and select Christ Church Unity as your church. You will be automatically connected to us!


Click the button below to watch a video, produced by King’s House church, which explains, in simple to follow steps, how to find, download, open, and begin using the Church Center app. Just remember to think “Christ Church Unity” every time the video says “King’s House”!

Please note that not all of the features implemented in the King’s House app are implemented in our app currently.


Thank you for your patience as we change our app vendor, and remember to keep your heart open and your mind ready to be pleasantly surprised.

— Rev. Don Barton
Executive Director

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