Perfectly Whole

Dear Friends,

I was recently reminded of a quote by Unity co-founder, Myrtle Fillmore derived from Mark 10:9. She said, “What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” In other words, all that has been created has been done through the love of God, all that exists does so perfectly by divine design. We are to take up the task of practicing wholeness rather than disassembling creation into parts and pieces while labeling some as “good”, and some as “bad”. The Truth is that it is the wholeness of all creations that makes us wonderful, complete, and indeed, a light in the world.

I suppose this is coming to mind because we are just on the other side of our releasing ritual, Burning Bowl; where we clear space for a newer, higher vibration to come into expression in our lives. I find we often want to let go of something we don’t love about ourselves and so we begin to deny pieces of who and what we are as an expression of the Divine. What God has created, let us not take it apart.

Before we can fully love another, before we can be the best partner, friend, neighbor, sibling etc. we must love ourselves. Even the beginning step of this process can be hugely transformational. To want to accept ourselves is to want to accept another. Where we accept another we honor what is and cease to change the person or circumstances in any way. Where we truly accept another, we are in the activity of love and we honor what is as perfect, whole, and complete. When we practice wholeness it is with better ease and greater grace that we return, time and time again, to Oneness.

“I accept myself as perfectly whole, exactly as I Am.”

One in Spirit,
Rev. Maggie Alderman
Sr. Minister, CCU Orlando

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