React or Respond?

When things happen in our lives there is a moment when we have a choice: “Respond” or “React.”

In the awareness that the energy we call “God” is good and working for our highest and best, we are called to lean into that Truth principle each and every day and respond accordingly. Remembering that a reaction is an action that springs up with an emotional charge, our task is not to deny the emotion, but to allow for it and know that it will pass…eventually.

Responding is entirely different. When we are grounded in the Truth of our Oneness with God, we claim our power to know that absolutely nothing is happening TO us; rather it is happening FOR us.  That is when we are clear, and our perception is not clouded with the emotions of old wounds or memories from our past.

We strengthen our ability to respond when we dedicate time to commune with the God of our understanding daily.  Through prayer we pour into what we know to be right and True. We develop strength and steadiness to maintain our center when life happens, when our routine gets interrupted, or when we are faced with unexpected change and loss.

In clear perception, we are able to affirm Divine Order being at work in all matters of our lives and maintain our peace, our humor, and our center by knowing all is well.  We have been given ample opportunity to choose—on a regular basis!—with the constant change during the pandemic, and as we re-emerge from its grip on us.

I am working on maintaining this center of Truth each day. I invite you to join me in the practice of self-care and spiritual development.  Together we can observe the ways in which we experience the calm assurance that God is at work, and we can rest our minds, activate our faith, and simply let it be.

React or Respond?  The choice is ours.

 One in Spirit,

Rev. Maggie

“I react positively to all situations.  I gain dominion over myself and find inner freedom.”

— Daily Word, April 21
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