About the Board of Trustees

Board members are voted in during our annual meeting and serve for a three year term. The Board meetings occur on the third Thursday of each month. Meeting Minutes are available to all voting church members upon request.

If you have a request for the Board you’re welcome to email the church at [email protected] and your message will be forwarded to the Board President.

Board Members

Pamela Johnson

President, Board of Trustees

Pam became a member of UFCL, then CCU Orlando, in the fall of 2008 and throughout the years has derived great joy and happiness in serving. Her service has included the Usher and Ambassador Teams, she has assisted in the bookstore, this is her second Board of Trustees term, and she has chaired the bylaw review committee, served on the Labyrinth Team and many other teams. Pam was recently married to Ed Miner, and both she and Ed love the arts offered in the greater Orlando area, including symphony, ballet, and opera.

Board Liaison to the Chaplain Ministry and the Youth and Family Ministry, in her 2nd year of a two-year term.

Loana Perez

Secretary, Board of Trustees

Loana was born in Queens, NY but was raised in Puerto Rico from the age of 6 months. She worked for 22 years at the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company, a government agency. Loana took an early retirement in February of 2011. She was a member of the Unity Church of Carolina, PR, and served as the Secretary, Vice President and President when needed. Loana moved to Florida in January, 2017 and has been here ever since. After retirement she dedicated herself to working with a non-profit organization that ministered to emotionally codependent people through support groups. Once she became a member of Unity of Central Florida, she immediately joined the Music Ministry as one of the singers. From the moment she started attending UCFL, she knew that this was where she wanted and needed to be. It is her way of life, the way that had made her the person she is today…blessed in every single way. Loana has always been an active part of the things she really believes in and has always sought to help by bringing her knowledge and experience to help to build stronger minds and spiritual communities.

Board Liaison to Youth and Family Ministry, Member of the Music Ministry, in 2nd year of a two-year term.

Toni Crabtree

Board of Trustees

Memorial Day weekend 2012 was the first service I attended at Christ Church Unity, now Unity of Central Florida. When I heard the Senior Minister say, “We believe you are originally blessed, not originally cursed,” I knew I was home. I formally joined the church within the next couple of years.

I attended all the classes I could and spent countless hours serving in the kitchen for hospitality hour.  Along with a partner on the board, we formed The Wellness Team, coordinating regular speakers at the church following services and a Wellness Fair event for our community. We welcomed members of our church and guests from outside our church as speakers and participants.

In 2019 I began working at New Image Youth Center in Orlando’s historic Parramore Neighborhood. In September of 2020, I was presented at church with the “Every Soul Matters Award” for a public stand I took on behalf of the youth and families I serve, a matter of social justice.

I continue my work for NIYC as a Student Advocate (part time), and have very recently retired from fulltime work. This new phase of life is unfolding beautifully, with new and renewed connections and new opportunities.

I am stepping up to this position because I know that service is, for me, a living expression of God’s love through me. I also believe that my wide range of experience and interests are valuable in this position. I will do my best to support our community and to help the board navigate through these very interesting times.

Toni is a native Floridian who holds a BA from FSU and a MA in Elementary Education from UCF. She has decades of experience in service to clients in the financial industry, public education and more. She and her husband Rich live in Orlando where they lovingly cultivate their “urban wildlife refuge” and enjoy birdwatching, local theater, volunteering, and being lifelong learners. They recently celebrated their 24th anniversary and look forward to making the next 24 their best!

Edemuel Mora

Member-at-Large, Board of Trustees

Edemuel Mora (Eddie) originally from Venezuela, nationalized American since 2013, studied hotel business administration and art in his native country. For 15 years he has been working as Show Finisher for Walt Disney World. He began attending Unity of Central Florida for 8 years, becoming a member of UCFL in 2022, in which he collaborates with the hospitality group and assumes duties as prayer chaplain.