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Rev. Monica Mo Driscoll

Transitional Specialist Minister

Reverend Monica Driscoll (Rev Mo) has been in Unity for more than 30 years.

She began her truth quest about God, after reading “Prosperity” by Charles Fillmore in 1983.

Rev Mo became a licensed Unity Teacher in 1993 and was later Ordained a Unity Minister, in 2012.

She was the Senior Minister for Unity Church of Christ in South New Jersey, where she began her search to understand God more.

For the past seven years, Rev Mo has served more than 18 Unity Churches as a UWM Consultant. She is currently on long-term assignment with Unity Spiritual Center, near the Villages, Florida as their Transitional Specialist.

She is the author of a 2-CD work on the breaking down of the Beatitudes 21st Century Style labeled “States of Mind”.

Reverend Monica is Certified in the following areas:
Quantum Living Coach
Integral Ministry Practice (IMP)
Prayer Chaplain’s Trainer
SpiritGroup (Nov 2023)

Monica also serves as co-chair of the UWM Ethics Review Team