Divine Order

This week we observe and celebrate Earth Day, April 22nd, a time when we appreciate the foundation upon which we experience our lives, collectively and individually.

I stand in awe at the beauty, wonder, and resources contained on this tiny planet embraced in an enormous solar system. If ever we question the process of Divine Order, look around and allow mother nature to demonstrate the regularity and balance of all things.

The sun and moon dance effortlessly together in balanced harmony, leaves grow and flowers blossom creating pollen—and just when we think we cannot stand the itchy eyes and the scratchy throat one more second, we have a wonderful afternoon shower wash it all away!

We are held in perfect suspension within the solar system, perfectly aligned in coordination with other planets, moons, and stars without colliding into one another. Raging rivers, earthquakes, and winter storms that we witness within our planet’s ecosystem are sometimes felt within our own lives, aren’t they?

When I experience a massive disruption to my routine, receive an unexpected visitor, or experience chaos that seems to appear out of nowhere, I have to remember this too is Divine Order. After a storm passes, flood waters recede and waves calm. Yes, there is wreckage. And yet there is potential for new growth that emerges and announces to all that life prevails.

Our task is to simply “be” in it when the earth shifts beneath our feet and witness the restoration of new order once the swirling winds calm. When we recognize and affirm we are held in Divine Order, we create room for God to work in and through our lives, to create greater good and restore balance; just as it does every day, in a multitude of ways to create and restore balance on our planet. All is well, always.

“The first step in the realization of life is always to know that God is life, abundant, omnipresent, eternal, and the second step is to make positive connection with God life by declaring oneness with it.”
– Charles Fillmore

One in Spirit,

Rev. Maggie Alderman
Senior Minister

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